How to activate Virtual Environment in Terminal or CMp

cit246@cit246-ThinkPad-T430:~$ cd ~/Desktop/venkat (virtual Environment created path)

If not created Then follow step by step. Or if you want to connect existing enivironment then go to next step:

cit246@cit246-ThinkPad-T430:~/Desktop/venkat$ virtualenv myenv_name

If already Created Then:

cit246@cit246-ThinkPad-T430:~/Desktop/venkat$ cd lmsenv (inside the Virtual  – environment folder)

cit246@cit246-ThinkPad-T430:~/Desktop/venkat/lmsenv$ ls
bin  include  lib

cit246@cit246-ThinkPad-T430:~/Desktop/venkat/lmsenv$ source bin/activate

(lmsenv) cit246@cit246-ThinkPad-T430:~/Desktop/venkat/lmsenv$


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